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It is about time to write something about XRP and Ripple. Even if you are not invested in XRP, the ongoing case between XRP and SEC is a great case study.


The SEC has pushed themselves to a corner that they can’t fight back plus they have their foot in their mouth. They mounted a tiger that they can’t alight. SEC has completely underestimated and was ill-prepared to deal with the financial power and the army of high powered lawyers that Ripple had brought on board. Compared to the Ripple’s hotshot lawyers, the SEC lawyers are amateurs. With the media so powerful and transparent, everything is being scrutinized by the public.

There are also other independent smart lawyers like Jeremy Hogan and John Deaton who has taken it upon themselves to comment on this case. John Deaton has an army of 19,000 XRP investors whom he is willing to represent. The SEC has ruined their reputation very much and will continue to do more if they continue their enforcement policing without proper reasoning.

Gary Gensler, the new SEC Chairman and a former CFTC Chairman and incidentally a crypto specialist MIT professor now appears to be one of the most hated public servant in USA. I think the SEC has completely underestimated the power of public opinion and the power of the Twitterati.

I do not see in anyway how XRP could lose this case now. I also think Judge Sarah Netburn has made up her mind on this case (in favour of Ripple, that is) as she must have been also watching many of the videos available on YouTube from the Ripple brigade. Netburn is just going through the motions now. No point diving into the finer details of all the proceedings as it is too dense.

But so far, an astute Ripple observer should be thinking that Ripple should be winning this case hands down or getting out with a small settlement fine to save SEC’s face. The next important date on this case is September 14th but there are many other dates during September where some deadlines have to be met.

Ripple could probably become the first regulated cryptocurrency if everything goes to plan. This case could set standards for many other cryptos of similar nature. Ripple could get relisted in over 50 exchanges all over America if the case is settled. All this time, Ripple has been engaging in many partnerships and other engagements all over the world. While Ripple will come out with many utility functions, the three main areas that they will shine will be in 1) online liquidity, 2) cross-border payments and settlements, 3 ) NFT (non-fungible tokens). Well, the three vectors on their logo probably signifies that.

We are at a historic junction in how we will use money. If this case settles successfully for Ripple very soon, XRP will do for money what email did for communications. While we think of Internet of Value and cross border transactions is just one of them, think of Amazon in early days with Kindle books. Most of the FAANG companies started in America and went abroad and became global but think of Ripple as an American company that is expanding wildly abroad and coming back to the US to build on its roots because of this case with the SEC.

Technically, XRP has formed a very fine bottom at the .50 area. Early investors and investors in this pullback to the .50 area should be rewarded very handsomely. Life changing wealth can be made on this crypto if one is patient and willing to study it more in detail.

As Leonardo DiCaprio (in)famously said in the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, “the time to position yourself is before the settlement. By the time you read it in the Wall Street Journal it is too late”. I personally think one can see a price of $3 or $4 by the end of the month.

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Abraham George is a seasoned investment manager with more than 40 years of experience in trading & investment and portfolio management spanning diverse environments like banks (HSBC, ADCB), sovereign wealth fund (ADIA), a royal family office and a hedge fund.